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Marian Vlasaty

Marian has over fifteen years of experience in the international environment of the United Nations. In the International Organization for Migration, he was responsible for various types of activities in the field of migration, including the provision of humanitarian aid, monitoring and prevention of health risks at the border and coordination of research activities. Between 2011 and 2017 he was head of resettlement operations to the United States of America, Canada and Norway through the Emergency Transit Center in Slovakia.

Sona Andrasova

For nearly ten years, Sona has worked in various positions in the field of migration. She participated in the establishment of the IOM Migration Information Centre, which has, since 2006, provided legal, social and labour counselling to foreigners in Slovakia, and she later became its manager. She is a co-author of the research report Experience of Migrant Men and Women in Slovakia with Violence. She specialises in fundraising and project development.

Nina Paulenova

For ten years she worked as a consultant for social, labour and integration counselling in the IOM Migration Information Centre. She advised foreigners in various aspects of their lives in Slovakia and helped them in finding work and requalification. She was also responsible for working with foreigners' communities and supporting the development of their activities in Slovakia. She has prepared and provided training and educational activities for representatives of public and state administration, schools and non-profit organisations in the field of community work and intercultural communication, and is a co-author of a research publication the Experience of Migrant Men and Women in Slovakia with Violence.

Barbora Kovarik Böhmerova

From 2011 to 2015 she worked at the IOM Migration Information Centre, where she worked, among other things, as a legal counsellor providing advice to foreigners living in Slovakia in the area of residential, employment, commercial and family law. At the same time, she participated in the creation of information materials for foreigners, training of public administration officials and implementation of other project activities in the area of migrant integration. Later she was a responsible for financial and HR management in a public-law institution – the Fund for the Support of Art – where she was responsible for the overall financial and budgetary management of the organization.

Patricia Kaplanova

Patricia studied political science and European studies. She finished her doctoral studies abroad, where she analysed the influence of social identities on online political participation on the European level. Patricia has done several international projects and internships in Slovenia, Portugal, Italy or France. Since returning back to Slovakia, she has worked as an analyst for educational projects and currently engages in the non-profit sector on a local level.

Michal Hezely

Michal studied international relations. During his studies, he spent four years as a member of the Euro-Atlantic Center (EAC), a student non-governmental organisation, initially as programme coordinator and later as programme director. As a member of the EAC, he took part in the preparation and coordination of various projects, events and conferences, such as the Slovak Security Forum (Slovenské bezpečnostné forum) and the Visegrad Youth Forum. Furthermore, he participated in the preparations of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days, the biggest security show in Europe, as an intern in 2017 and 2018.