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What does the Cyber Security Academy Offer?

17. novembra 2021

As part of the project funded by the U.S. Department of State Office, we are launching a 1-year course titled ‘The Cyber Security Academy’ for students of the Faculty of Computers, Informatics and Microelectronics at the Technical University of Moldova (TUM). On 1 November, we launched its first component – a course focused on the development of soft skills.

Many graduate students entering the job market lack the soft skills that are important for their competitiveness and employability. Therefore, we have dedicated the first part of The Cyber Security Academy to these skills to strengthen graduate profiles before entering the work environment.

The course covers topics such as communication, flexibility, presentation skills, critical thinking, teamwork, conflict solution, leadership and time management. It also covers the important topics of gender issues, equality, diversity and inclusive workplace environments.

"The main reason why I signed up for this course is my eagerness to work on myself and learn new things from the experts in the field. My biggest challenge is teamwork because I always work independently and I find it hard to trust my co-workers. I hope I can overcome this fear and become a team player with a more effective communication,” explains Dumitru Nirca, one of the students of The Cyber Security Academy.

In the summer term, the Academy will focus on the development of practical skills, addressing a wide range of skills important for new graduates entering the job market.

Within the Academy, we will also provide a pilot course titled ‘Women in Cyber Security’ for a minimum least 30 female students.

The Cyber Security Academy is implemented in cooperation with our partners TUM, ESET and TEKEDU.

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